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ReSound Assist

More support every step of the way with ReSound Assist

ReSound Assist

Accessed through the ReSound Smart 3D™ app, ReSound Assist gives you two convenient ways to connect with your hearing care professional:

  • Remote fine-tuning requests
  • Live assistance video appointments

After your first fit at the Costco hearing aid center, you’ll enjoy continuous support and all the guidance you need in the most convenient and comfortable way for you and your Costco hearing care professional. It’s all designed to help you get the most out of your ReSound hearing aids.

What ReSound Assist users think

Those who have already tried ReSound Assist appreciate the extra care they receive, the ease of use, and the convenience it offers.


of ReSound Assist users say
"It’s easy to request assistance from the app"


of ReSound Assist users say
"It’s easy to apply new settings from the app"


of ReSound Assist users say
"The new settings improved my hearing experience"

Live Assistance

Face-to-face video appointments

Now you can also meet with your hearing care professional via video chat. ReSound Assist Live Assistance lets you supplement Costco hearing aid center visits with convenient, real-time video appointments. That means you can enjoy personalized, flexible care from the comfort of your own home. It’s as easy as answering a video call on your phone.

Download the ReSound Assist Live Assistance Quick Guide

ReSound Assist Live Assistance
resound assist live assistance
Live Assistance

Here's how it works

  1. Book a video appointment with your hearing care professional. At the appointment time, your hearing care professional will initiate the call.
  2. Answer the video call received through the ReSound Smart 3D app.
  3. Your hearing care professional connects to your hearing aids and provides you with live adjustments, if needed.
  4. You evaluate the new settings with your hearing care professional during the appointment as well as afterwards through the Rate My Sound feature in the ReSound Smart 3D app.
Remote Fine-Tuning

Get updated settings at your fingertips

Sometimes it can be hard to describe a hearing experience from your everyday life while in the clinic. When you contact your hearing care professional from your ReSound Smart 3D app, they get all the information they need to help you optimize your hearing aid settings.

Download the ReSound Assist Remote Fine-Tuning Quick Guide

ReSound Assist Remote Fine Tuning
resound assist fine tuning
Remote Fine-Tuning

Here's how it works

You can initiate a request for fine-tuning by contacting your hearing care professional or through the simple questionnaire in your ReSound Smart 3D app.

  1. To request through the app, submit your questionnaire with an optional message.
  2. Your hearing care professional receives your request, along with an automatic record of your hearing aid settings.
  3. Your hearing care professional sends precise fine-tuning adjustments and/or messages straight to your App.
  4. You place your hearing aids close to your smartphone, tap install – and enjoy the improvements.
  5. Send a rating of your new settings to your hearing care professional.